Living in the Shadow of an Earthquake! Turkey Shaken by Negligence

Living in the Shadow of an Earthquake! Turkey Shaken by Negligence

  • 04.12.2023
  • 03:36:37

Turkey is located in one of the world's most active earthquake zones due to its geological structure. In this country, which has historically witnessed many major earthquakes, the reality of earthquakes is a part of our lives in every sense. Since Turkey is located on an earthquake zone, we regularly experience small or large-scale earthquakes. Therefore, over time, a certain stereotyping and routine is observed in our attitude towards earthquakes. However, we should not ignore the dangers of this stereotypical attitude and take serious measures to face the reality of earthquakes.

Earthquakes serve as a strong reminder every time, but as time passes, many people forget the effects of the earthquake and return to their normal lives. This repetitive cycle reveals our country's shortcomings in facing the reality of earthquakes and our need to confront the lack of awareness. As with every earthquake, there is sadness, pain and anxiety after earthquakes. However, instead of temporarily taking to the streets and then returning to our normal lives, we should constantly remember the seriousness of earthquakes and the risks they bring with them. Considering the destructive effects of earthquakes, we should learn lessons from earthquakes and take necessary precautions.

The building stock in our country is not adequate against earthquake risk. We still live in ugly, unplanned and unprogrammed buildings, narrow streets and overlapping buildings. Such structures increase the earthquake risk and greatly increase the negative effects of earthquakes. In post-earthquake inspections, it is often found that damaged buildings do not comply with adequate building standards, retrofitting measures are not taken or building inspections are inadequate. Therefore, efforts should be made to make our cities safe with earthquake-resistant buildings and more modern planning.

The lack of awareness and preparation for earthquakes is also a serious problem. As a society, we avoid taking earthquake-related precautions and consciously facing the reality of earthquakes. We cannot know when an earthquake will happen, but we can know what to do and take the right precautions. Knowing how to act before and after an earthquake is critical to protecting our lives and the safety of our loved ones. Earthquakes are inevitable natural disasters and there is no way to accurately predict when they will happen. However, the negative effects of earthquakes can be minimized through precautions and preparations. As emphasized in the phrase "negligence kills, not earthquakes", earthquakes are more destructive as a result of lack of awareness and negligence in taking precautions. It is important to be aware of the earthquake risk and to know how to protect ourselves. We should learn how to behave during an earthquake and how to reach earthquake-resistant areas. We should also take the necessary measures to make our homes earthquake-resistant and act in accordance with the guidance of the authorities.

In order to minimize the effects of earthquakes, conscious preparation and construction in accordance with construction standards are very important. In our country, much more steps should be taken in terms of conscious preparation and construction against disasters. It is possible to reduce the risk of earthquakes by taking measures such as education campaigns, awareness-raising activities and updating building standards. Earthquakes cause more loss of life and property due to negligence, ignorance and lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to raise awareness in the society about earthquakes and to carry out training activities. Trainings and preparation are the most effective way to face the reality of earthquakes and take the right precautions.

It is clear that Turkey faces serious challenges in facing the reality of earthquakes and conscious preparation. The tragic events that occur in every earthquake are the consequences of lack of awareness and negligence. Earthquakes are natural disasters, but it is in our hands to minimize the effects of these disasters and build a safer future as a society. Accepting the reality of earthquakes, taking precautions and creating a conscious society will make it easier for us to cope with future earthquakes. We should not forget that earthquakes do not kill, negligence and buildings do. Earthquake shakes, ignorance destroys. By acting with this awareness, it is possible to build a safe future.