Commemoration of Our Holy Martyrs and Nowruz Celebration Event

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Commemoration of Our Holy Martyrs and Nowruz Celebration Event

  • 21.03.2020
  • Kütahya Dumlupınar First Target Square

Dear Young People,

On March 21st, Dumlupınar, Kütahya Dumlupınar First Target Square, we would be happy to be with you at the event. This special day is organized to commemorate our beloved martyrs, as well as to welcome the Nowruz Festival, which is celebrated in the Turkic World as the beginning of the new year and the herald of spring.

The event provides an opportunity to express our respect and gratitude to our heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sacred lands of our homeland. Their heroism and sacrifice have left a unique mark on the history of the Turkish nation. By commemorating and remembering them on this special day, we want to once again express our debt to this land where we live freely thanks to their struggles.

At the same time, we believe that Nowruz is celebrated as the beginning of fertility, expectations, peace and happiness. This holiday, which marks the revival of nature and a period full of hope, strengthens our spirit of unity and solidarity and allows us to renew our hopes for the future.

By coming together with you on this wonderful occasion, we want to unite our respect for our past and our hopes for the future. We look forward to your presence here to continue our tradition of commemorating our beloved martyrs and to share the joy of Nowruz together.

We invite all young people to Dumlupınar First Target Square in Dumlupınar, Kütahya on March 21. Being together in this meaningful event is a great opportunity to reinforce our unity and solidarity and to keep the memories of our beloved martyrs alive. Let's look to our future with hope, let's be stronger together! Let's take steps towards a brighter tomorrow with the strength we draw from the past