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The world's first political social network...

Technological developments have made it more interactive for individuals to communicate with each other and obtain information. Today, electronic communication tools such as computers and mobile devices have become more than just communication tools, they have become socializing platforms for people. Content shared on social networks now spreads quickly and people have the opportunity to discuss it. This rapid spread and ease of discussion makes social media play an active role in the political sphere. At this point, Poolitick is an international political social network developed to fill the communication and information gap that people need in the political sphere on social media. Poolitick is based on the new media approach that allows individuals to access information from more reliable and more easily verifiable sources by using their computers and mobile devices interactively over the internet for communication.

Social channels have become tools of organization, and we see that social networks have started to create paths from representative democracy to participatory democracy. Poolitick is a social network where political developments and the interests of politicians can be followed, where those interested in politics meet and share information about their political lives. The most important difference that distinguishes Poolitick from other social networks is that it is a political communication and information sharing platform.

It is a platform where individuals interested in politics can more easily communicate with each other, make friends, build a network and share information. The main purpose of use is to enable individuals who want to do politics to share their political ideas, presentations, projects and writings easily, to promote themselves easily, to exchange information on political issues and many more. Thanks to this digital CV created on the internet environment, it will be easier to communicate with people in the field you are interested in and to follow politicians.