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Gürkan Türkaslan, born in Bursa in 1983, is a technological entrepreneur and President of the Visionaries Club living in Çankaya, Ankara. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a master's degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Gazi University.

Türkaslan stepped into his entrepreneurial career by establishing İdesa Bilişim Ltd. Şti. in 2008 and later expanded his activities by establishing Anatole Production Inc. He has also served in important positions such as the President of the Visionaries Association and the Vice President of Hür Genç.

Gürkan Türkaslan holds a BA in Business Administration from Gazi University and an MA in Political Science and Public Administration from International Ahmet Yesevi University.

Türkaslan has expertise and experience in areas such as digital entrepreneurship, web and mobile application development, information systems management. He has proven his achievements in this field with his certificates and projects.

Türkaslan has certificates in digital entrepreneurship, personal performance and time management, information systems management, Python, MVC project development, Android and iOS mobile application development.

As the founder and President of the Visionaries Club, Gürkan Türkaslan continues his efforts to raise awareness among young people on visionary, leadership and entrepreneurship. As the founder and deputy chairman of Hür Genç, he is involved in efforts to increase the welfare of society.

Gürkan Türkaslan defends freedom and sovereignty, national unity, solidarity and territorial integrity, peace, republic, democracy, equal citizenship, freedom of thought, religion and conscience, justice, conscience and compassion, nationalism, modernization, scientificity, rule of law, active participation, elections, multi-party system, majority rule, pluralism, accountability, transparency, constitutional guarantee, separation of powers, civil society and secularism.

The values Türkaslan defends reflect the vision of a society that is fair, democratic, respectful of diverse views, where national unity and solidarity are strong, and where freedom, equality and justice are at the forefront.

Gürkan Türkaslan emphasizes the active participation of citizens within the values he defends. He emphasizes the active participation of citizens in the democratic process not only through elections, but also by obtaining information, joining non-governmental organizations and participating in various activities.

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Mr. Gürkan Türkaslan can be reached via message in the contact section, e-mail at info@gurkanturkaslan.com or by phone at +90 555 997 06 06.